The year 2016 was a terribly difficult year for me and my family. After wrestling with years of depression, anxiety and fatigue I crashed hard. With the support of my family, friends and partners I started the process of rebuilding myself. Part of that process was spending time on my motorcycle. 

It struck me that not many people in my situation are financially secure enough to be able to take the time off to deal with mental health issues or were able to access the counselling or had the support that I had.

It just kept coming back to me, that I had to do more. Hence the birth of the Prairie Pay It Forward Fund.

The Prairie Pay It Forward Fund will help give people access to funds to seek help when experiencing mental health issues, in a respectful and private manner. All the funds raised by sale of this calendar will go towards seeding the Prairie Pay It Forward Fund.

And please remember to pay it forward.

Be kind to the person next you, you never know what struggles they may be going through. 

Steve Dillabough Discovery Group of Companies